Buy a Car with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Car Purchase Overview is an automotive division of, which allows the purchase of any vehicle with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin has proved itself as an absolutely scarce store of value asset and a secure payment method that doesn't rely on any trusted 3rd party intermediaries for final settlements.
While Bitcoin is a great asset to own long term, it is also known for extreme volatility by going through a series of bull and bear markets, explosive run-ups and heart breaking crashes. The time between Bitcoin market tops typically lasts several years, which can make it very discouraging for people to endure 80%+ corrections.
Holding Bitcoin is not the end-goal in itself, but more of an investment strategy / savings vehicle to hedge against inflationary currencies, such as the dollar and extremely low savings interest rates. Holding Bitcoin can be very challenging at times, especially during the bear markets, so it only makes sense to reward yourself for delaying gratification.

How Does Buying a Car with Bitcoin Work?

The process of purchasing a car with Bitcoin is very similar to buying Real Estate with Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency), but is much simpler and very straightforward. Pick a car that you like from any car dealer of your choice. It doesn't matter if the dealer accepts cryptocurrency or not. Have the dealer issue the invoice in Canadian dollars to be paid on delivery of the vehicle. We convert your crypto to fiat and issue a payment directly to the car dealer and you pick up your vehicle!

Buying a Car with Other Cryptocurrencies

We are able to accept other cryptocurrency that are listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Nano, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Chainlink, Cardano, Dogecoin and others. Please contact us to inquire, which cryptocurrencies can be used for car purchases at the time.
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